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Second hand touring bikes

Find the best deals on second hand touring bikes

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A touring bike isn't just a mode of transportation; it's a ticket to adventure and wellbeing. Perfect for those who love the blend of endurance, sightseeing, and the eco-friendly aspect of cycling, a touring bike is tailored for long journeys and diverse terrains. It offers the thrill of discovering new paths, the satisfaction of physical exercise, and the pleasure of being at one with nature. For the environmentally conscious, the daily commuter, or the weekend explorer, a touring bike enriches every ride with its versatility and resilience.

What are the advantages buying second hand touring bikes ?

  • Immediate Accessibility

    Step into cycling adventures without delay. A second-hand touring bike is often pre-assembled, tuned, and ready to hit the road, unlike new bikes that might require additional setup or ordering time.
  • Tested Durability

    Proven on the road, second-hand touring bikes offer reliability that's been tested in real-world conditions. This gives you a practical gauge of the bike's performance and resilience over time.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice

    Embrace sustainability by reusing and recycling. Opting for a second-hand touring bike means supporting a circular economy, reducing waste, and minimizing the environmental impact of new bike production.

Tips to consider when buying used touring bikes

  • 1. Explore Variety on Riloop

    Discover a wide range of second-hand touring bikes on Riloop. The platform offers diverse choices from various brands and models, helping you find the perfect match for your touring requirements.
  • 2. Prioritize Essential Features

    Focus on key features like gear systems, frame material, and tire condition. These are crucial for a safe and enjoyable touring experience.
  • 3. Consider Long-Term Comfort

    Assess the bike's ergonomics. Ensure that the seat, handlebar alignment, and frame size are conducive to comfortable long-duration rides.
  • 4. Seek Expert Opinion

    Consult with seasoned cyclists or bike mechanics. Their insights can guide you in evaluating the bike's condition and potential upgrades.
  • 5. Plan for Maintenance

    Anticipate future maintenance needs. Assess the availability of spare parts and the ease of servicing for your chosen bike model.
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