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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

⚡️General Questions:

What is Riloop?

  • Riloop is a search engine that helps you find the best classified ads online.
  • How does Riloop work?

  • Riloop connects to various second-hand online marketplaces and offers advanced filtering options to find the best deals.
  • What benefits does Riloop offer to users?

  • Riloop saves you time, resources, and money by providing exhaustive and fresh search results. It informs sellers about the current market to maximize profits.
  • Is Riloop a free service?

  • Yes, Riloop offers a free service with certain limits. Additionally, there is a Riloop PRO offering with advanced capabilities and email support for paid users.
  • 📊 Using Riloop:

    How can I start using Riloop?

  • Simply visit our website and start searching for classified ads.
  • Can I list items for sale on Riloop?

  • No, Riloop is a search and analytics platform for buyers and sellers. It doesn't assist in listing items for sale.
  • What type of results can I expect from Riloop?

  • Riloop provides comprehensive search results for a specific item and region, giving you the information needed to purchase at the best price.
  • and save big

    🤖 API and Integration:

    Can I integrate Riloop with my own tools or applications?

  • Yes, Riloop is an open platform that allows you to export search results via API or with a single click.
  • How can professionals benefit from Riloop's API?

  • Professionals can automate custom reporting and tasks, or integrate the search results into any app, service, script for even bigger ROI using Riloop's API.
  • ⭐ Riloop PRO, Payment and Pricing:

    What is included in the Riloop PRO offering?

  • Riloop PRO offers additional capabilities such as:
    • Advanced filtering
    • Up to 5,000 results per search
    • Full details on each ad
    • One-click CSV export
    • API access
    • Technical support
  • How to benefit from Riloop PRO?

  • To use Riloop PRO, top up your account by purchasing credits and activate Riloop PRO when searching for classified ads.
  • How does the pricing for Riloop PRO work?

  • Paid searches are charged a predefined amount of credits per returned result, depending on the activated search features. You can perform advanced searches benefiting from Riloop PRO capabilities until you consume all your credits.
  • ⬆️ Community and Feedback:

    How can I provide feedback to Riloop?

  • Riloop values constructive feedback. You can participate in building the community by sharing your suggestions on our platform via the chat box at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • How does Riloop use feedback to evolve the platform?

  • We take user feedback seriously and use it to make the platform better and address the top needs of our users.
  • 🌍 Environmental Impact:

    How does Riloop contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of purchases?

  • Riloop eases transactions of second-hand articles, which helps in reducing the carbon footprint and other negative impacts associated with the entire lifecycle of new items.
  • Get the MAX out of Riloop
    • Access 300+ million ads from all marketplaces
    • Use advanced filters to refine your quest
    • Explore ultra fresh data
    • Share your custom collections
    • Export in CSV format in a single click
    • Leverage the API for automation


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